Daniela Fehring

One World One Responsibility

We are the Creators of our Future!

We can create a human, healthy and cosmopolitan organisation as well as society, if we

  • invite to gestalt,
  • meet in an natural open space,
  • which encourages connection
  • by asking: In what world would you like to live and work in 2030?

Are you ready to track your future together in a space which encourages free and bold thinking?

I create Future Landscape Labs for organisations, global leaders and individuals in which we dive deep into the room of possibility and potential.

We start in nature as it encourages our connection, our creativity and commitment. It supports an experiential curiosity, a courageous playfulness not found in human made spaces.

Nature allows us to leave our comfort zone and convenience boxes. It invites us to go in resonance with ourself, our organisation, our past, presence & future. Nature activates our body, heart, gut, senses and emotions to show up and invent new stories. It gives us the courage to dream big.

Nature opens its arms wide for answers. Nature is open to everyone. Anytime.

We can ask ourselves:

  • What are past parts, we want to celebrate and keep or say farewell to?
  • What are current strengths, we want to cherish?
  • What do we want to let go of?
  • What wants to emerge right now?
  • What is its essence, its energy, its ingredients?

My Future Landscape Lab is designed for YOU specifically – for individuals wanting to connect with themselves, for global leaders ready for the conscious next step as well as for organisations on the search for their healthy future.

The spotlight is on YOUR past, presence & future, YOUR possibilities & potentials. YOUR phantasy & creativity are key to the results.

Connected to Your Self

What is your unique essence, and how can you bring it into life?

Connected globally

If everything is possible, how would we like to be global positioned in 2030? What would our internal and external collaboration look like?

Connected with 2030

If everything is possible, how would I / we like to live and work in 2030? And what would a first concrete step today look like?

Your future designer and facilitator

Daniela Fehring
9 Level