Daniela Fehring

Impowering global enterprises.


And that has consequences for global enterprises."The West" is no longer the only driver of commerce and change, on the contrary: More and more often we are driven by China, Asia and the US!

What do historically laden tankers have to counter agile Americans, Asians and subsidised Chinese conglomerates?

From my point of experience, they have many advantages!

  • A huge love for quality and longevity.
  • „A man a word“: You can rely on Germans and Swiss!
  • A very pragmatic dual education system that produces masters of expertise.
  • Each life counts! HSE is a natural standard in facilities worldwide.

The paradox: These strengths hinder global growth as

  • silos tend to cater to themselves (silo egoism),
  • the thirst for control leads to a slow machinery (bureaucracy),
  • the power of Head Quarters prevents fast and flexible handling of customer needs, and
  • perfectionism and risk drown creative ideas early.

It’s high time to break the vicious cycle because our talents abroad and the millenials have the choice to choose their employer.

Here comes an unusual and unique proposal:

A 1 hour "brain picking" experiment by www.zoom.us.

I offer you my complete and structured experience as our base for the definition of a first concrete and pragmatic step into the future of your global impowerment, because I believe in the effectiveness of short interventions.

Brainstorm topics could be:

  • What is one crucial switch to put your global customer into the center of everybodys’ efforts?
  • Which one internal structur should be changed to enable global efficiency?
  • Which one deed makes us "sexy" and attractive for the first league abroad as well as ambitious millenials?
  • Which one attempt stops the fluctuation of talents worldwide?
  • Which one impetus makes your global M&A a success story?
  • Which one initiative could turn your new Chinese owner into a „proud parent“?
  • What interface, which competence keeps your global M&A on track in the integration phase (PMI)?
  • With which measure can you strengthen challenged (Asian) global project leaders?
  • Which irritation could invigorate the growth factors curiosity, open-mindedness, cosmopolitanism and tension tolerant collaboration?

Our zoom appointment can be booked here.

You can also book me directly als sparring partner, "eye & ear" or catalyst. Wanna book a first prep meeting? Here is the link.

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