Daniela Fehring

Empowering enterprises to grow globally

What is your vision 2030?

  • What world would you like to live and work in ten years?
  • What might your customers and stakeholders expect from you in 2030?
  • How can you serve them then?

We would like to invite you to enter dialogic thinking and creation spaces to find your own specific answers.

Your vision 2030
  • Your growth options
  • Potential solutions
  • Your co-creation partners
  • Participative initiatives
  • New spaces, structures and rituals
World Leader
  • Mindfulness & astronaut’s perspective
  • Dialogue & VUCA competence
  • Relationship & commitment
  • Diversity & individuality
  • Focus & ownership
Diversity Code
  • Openness, at eye level & curiosity
  • Relationship & commitment
  • Participation & dedication
  • Unleash the power for innovation and grwoth

The future designer and facilitators

Daniela Fehring
Edgar Wang
Edgar Wang
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