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Populism, nationalism and walling-off request a new figuration of globality

How to use the potential of your global organisation and the power of diversity to expand

The list of global challenges gets longer and longer. The world as we knew it falls to pieces. Well-established political, diplomatic and business rules are altered and destroyed in a tweet by a few powerful persons. Old institutions, habits and power structures are being questioned by the millennials. Long ignored minorities rightfully demand participation. The Head Office centration is strongly challenged.

Global SMEs face at least three substantial risks:

  • Increase of populism and nationalism. Simple black and white enemy stereotypes lead to a decrease of open mindedness and globalisation fans.
  • In Asia and other emerging markets new competitors and new expectations of the young workforce ask for new ways of collaborating and faster change.
  • At the bottom of the foodchain: SMEs cannot compete with the salaries of the global players or the start-ups. How to attract and keep talents?

In former times, companies were able to concentrate on business only. Today it’s lethal to ignore societal, environmental and geo-political currents. Markets are more unpredictable. Rules change over night. Unknown competitors grow like mushrooms. They always seem to be faster und more agile compared to long-established firms, which exist since 100 and more years. Steering your enterprise in such troubled water is a huge challenge. How about new approaches, more courage to try out new things…?

Rethink, sobriety, consequence and courage are in high demand

New focus on "Customer First"

It comes as a surprise to me, but many employees still believe that the employer is paying their salaries. Too many global customers are too far away, even if the pay the bill.

In order to make global customers content again, it is necessary that ALL associates from the front down to the back office know their global customers and their expectations in regard to speed, quality, usefulness. Customer Persona are a good way to get a clear picture, and inform everybody involved.

More information can be found in my book in German "Globalität neu denken und gestalten".

Cultivate "Diversity Professionals"

The invisibility of global team members and local interests easily lead to misunderstandings, the mindset „I don’t care“ and mutual distrust.

You can prevent this attitude by educating diversity professionals in your enterprise. Diversity professionals are persons who love to deal with diverse humans and foreign cultures. They own a high reflection competence. They are great observers and listeners as well as awakener of hidden potential. Their skill to combine different perspectives to one solution makes them successful leaders of global project teams. Their most important asset: They easily build trust with others and between others, and that’s the base for sharing of knowledge and knowhow, co-creation, innovation and growth.

More information can be found in my book in German "Globalität neu denken und gestalten".

Participation: Make use of the potential of your Millenials and organisations abroad.

The young crew in your global daughter companies and joint ventures wants to be included, and actively form and create. They are easily bored by being the extended workbench only, but head quarter often ignores that expectation. The consequence: The talents that were just trained by you are lost to local competitors. That’s a phenomenon you can observe in China everyday.

But there is hope, there are counter-measures! If you involve the persons concerned you foster their commitment – for the customer and your own organisation.

More information can be found in my book in German "Globalität neu denken und gestalten".

Strengthen the global efficiency and efficacy of your workforce.

There are innumerable ways of doing this. A "1 day only" is not the most effective one, as global collaboration asks for continuous effort.

Are you ready to leave your comfort zone?

Do you want to know how you can inspire and thrill your global customers as well as your own organisation?

Be different. Be courageous. Be inclusive. Give your organisations abroad a face. Listen to the millenials. Start to co-create the future of your global enterprise.

Here you get to know how we can work together to make your global business even more successful.

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