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The Corona virus has a huge impact on all of us, especially on leaders and managers who have to solve concrete issues in very probably a radically different way than planned. Covid-19 shows us our vulnerability as well as the limits of planning. It wakes up deep fears, and at the same time it sets free an enormously creative potential and solidarity. A solid base for future collaboration!

Normally, we deal with Your vision 2030, but for the time being, we are here to listen to you, your worries, your plans. And we are also willing to open our virtual thinking rooms for you to look for solutions. Email us at info(at)danielafehring.com or give us a call at +49-6173-64280.

What is your vision 2030?

Despite the crisis solving mode, we are all in, it’s important to us to focus on the future possibilities. Corona gives us the time and space to take a break from "business as usual", to reflect on the past, our way up to this moment, and to curiously investigate what could come next.

  • What world would you like to live and work in ten years?
  • What might your customers and stakeholders expect from you in 2030?
  • How can you serve them then?

We invite you to enter our dialogic thinking and creation spaces to find your own specific answers through a structured process.

Your global vision

Imagine your organisation full of committed employees and stakeholders worldwide.
What made that spirit possible?
YOUR INVITATION to co-create the strategy, new spaces, flexible roles and rituals.

Kosmo Leader

How fast could your enterprise grow, if all your leaders adapt a cosmopolitan mindset & astronaut’s view, and use their communication & VUCA competence to foster diversity & uniqueness, as well as focus & ownership?

Diversity Code

What is possible,
if your organisation owns a shared “world language” that promotes openness, diversity, commitment and curiosity?

The future designer and facilitator

Daniela Fehring
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