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Embracing Life – A PRACTICE to ReConnect

When did you last embrace and celebrate yourself? Without having reached a special target… Just for the fun of it!

We modern humans have lost the connection to ourselves. We were trained „to function“. To perfection. Functioning for others, not for ourselves.

But we humans are not machines!

To receive the same carrott, to do the same job everyday is tiring.

Would you like to journey with me to yourself? To re-visit and re-connect with your vitality and ease, your inner freedom and joy, your esteem and self-love (NO egoistic word at all – on the contrary!).

It’s simple!

  • Let’s start with an honest self-analysis
  • Let’s welcome all our inner diversity, and embrace our shadows
  • Let’s learn about the unconscious mechanisms that steer us
  • Let’s learn how to re-access our "steering committee"
  • Let’s celebrate and nourish our reconnection

We can journey together purely online or together in the forests of the Taunus. We can also apply a combination.

Just give me a call: +49-171-4919242 to find out what fits the best to embrace the art of ReConnecting.

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