Daniela Fehring

Create your future now!

What would be possible if you encounter yourself with appreciation and benevolence?

When have. you last embraced yourself because you are – as you are right now – good enough, beautiful enough, perfect enough?

This might sound unusual as we learn at school to think in weaknesses, which have to be eliminated. That’s how we get an inner critic, judge on board who accompanies us our whole life and thinks of us as badly as not even an enemy! I am convinced ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We all have suffered, punished, blamed enough. Not good enough, not clever enough, not fast enough….. I am sure you know some of this unhealthy „mantras“.

What could become possible if you look at yourself and all your potential, your lights as well as your shadows with benevolence, respect and curiosity and create the life that is yours? Out of love, compassion and appreciation for the light that you are.

I invite you to an individual and intuitive voyage of 8 weeks in which YOU and your topics, priorities, and energies are centre stage.

The target: Bring into light your inner wisdom, your uniqueness, your essence and your king & queen power.

There is no program nor fixed content, but one regular structure: We meet every week once for 1 hour on Zoom and listen to what wants to evolve, how you can embrace your self even more than today. With this „melody“ you go in resonance for the week. You can get in touch with me anytime, and you will get personal impulses from me.

Would you like to get a taste of it? If you write an email, we’ll fix a time for a coaching test of 30 minutes.

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