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Shaping 2030

After the first shock about the Corona lockdown faded away in March 2020, I was keenly interested into the following questions:

  • Does Corona produce a transformation, and if yes, what’s its pattern, image, prospect?
  • What could this change and our world look like after Covid-19?
  • Which narratives will shape our lives, our work, our societies and our organisations in 2030 / 40 /50?
  • What do we need today to encourage a more human, healthy and sustainable collaboration?

According to the call of my book (in German only) to "Re-Think and Re-Form Globality" I started a series of interviews with experts in different countries to learn from them, what our world in 2030 could look like, if we start today to gestalt. You find the interviews here.

The length of the lockdown measures showed me my vulnerability clearly. When countries are closed, flights hard to get, a return or the stay abroad linked to an extended quarantine, the business model of a globetrotter like me meets its limits. Many international companies and global players face the same difficulties. Trouble shooters aren’t able to solve the problems of their customers abroad, to keep in touch gets complicated. I am grateful that we are connected digitally these days! We all have learned in a short time to use the virtual tools at its best and in a focused way.

But we also have lost human touch!

And that is a danger for the cohesion of a global enterprise as well as for its attractiveness in different markets around the globe.

  • How can we strengthen / renew the human touch?

  • What narrative will inspire your global customers, suppliers and employees in the (near) future?

  • What problems can you solve best? Is there a more surprising way to do it?

  • What could be first steps into that future today?

Let’s exchange some more information in a phone call. I am looking forward to getting to know you!

Yours, Daniela Fehring

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