Daniela Fehring

One World One Responsibility

Welcome in Your future landscape, in your future space!

What would be possible if there wer no limits? In which world would you like to live and work in 2030?

Take some time to dive into your future world:

  • What does your future 2030 look like?
  • What does it feel like?
  • What are its colours?
  • What are its smells? How does it taste?
  • Whom do you meet in your future, and in what way?
  • What do you exchange, and in what way?
  • Who is at your side?
  • Whom don’t you want to miss?
  • What forms of life and word are celebrated?
  • Which energies are present in your future?

Whatever we can imagine we can create! Isn’t this fantastic?

How about diving into your future, your company’s future? How about discovering all the potentials and possibilities?

In an unusual, and therefore stimulating environment: the Taunus.

Nature offers us surprising insghts and solutions. It connects us humans. It inspires creativity, learning, exchange and focus.

Together with colleagues, employees, maybe even customers and suppliers you will discover unexpected possibilities.

The more feet, eyes and ears,

  • the more creative and diverse the images, and
  • the more motivating and binding the creation of your future.

Participation awakens curiosity, openness and commitment. You won’t have to laboriously convince people in resistance. They were part of the creation process.


If everything’s possible … Source www.123rf.com Nr. 118786291

… how would you like to live and work in 2030?

What are the most serious topics of your industry, and what could be your contribution to the solution?
„Courage, courage!“ Source www.123rf.com Nr. 20163319

What ideas from the competition do we want to spontaneously try to check its marketability?

What are our success parameter?

What are our stop signals in order not to get on the wrong track?

間 MA Source www.123rf.com Nr. 10953035

When do we take breaks to think and feel about the process?

What else could emerge from this “room in between” of 間 MA?

A substantial change & innovation – if it’s to be healthy and resilient – needs pauses, silence, time. Do we really make an effort to give us these?

Our Future Roadmap

What does our “future roadmap” precisely look like? Do we have enough “silence areas” and feedback loops?

Who does what? How do we check responsibility & commitment?

Who arranges “food”, and encourages staying power?

Who becomes ambassador of change?

Each Future Landscape Lab is unique. Where in the Taunus it takes place depends on the energy of you, your company and your mission questions. This is a possible schedule:

  • An intense preliminary talk to get to know each other, and to check the fit.
  • Preparation of a 1 day workshop, which focusses on mission questions, roles & responsibilities during the Future Landscape Lab in the Taunus.
  • The 1 day prep workshop.
  • The Future Landscape Lab of 2 or 3 days.
  • 1 – 2 days workshop to define your „Future Roadmap“, and to get to know “間 MA”.
  • Then you are at your own with the only exception if you need a facilitator for feedback loops or another creativity impulse in nature.

Let’s exchange some more information in a phone call. I am looking forward to getting to know you and your mission questions!

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