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One World One Responsibility

Becoming a Conscious Global Leader

The English language offers a great advantage over other European languages: it uses YOU for everybody, a word which establishes eye level & equality, closeness & respect.

That is a great support when leading globally!

  • It encourages participation

  • It creates cooperation on eye level

  • It strengthens involvement

The great thing with the 2 months’ journey “Becoming a Conscious Global Leader” is the “becoming”.

You don’t have to know it all at the start. You don’t have to be competent beforehand.

You can relax and enjoy the learning process, and co-create what wants to emerge.

Curiosity is a key competence for effective global leaders!

In our journey of 8 weeks, you will discover all the ingredients of a conscious global leader as:

  • your authentic “global fingerprint”
  • the wisdom about your brain’s functions and steering mechanisms as well as the impact on global (in)effectiveness
  • the know-how of market differences and how to make real use of it
  • the knowledge of work differences and its impact on power, influence, negotiation & collaboration structures
  • knowing how to increase the asset of diversity to increase production efficiency
  • knowing how to ease global tensions and smell conflicts early on
  • knowing how to increase one’s own and others energy frequencies

Your 2 months’ growth journey includes 4 parts:

Who am I?
Train your Astronaut’s Perspective
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How does my brain influence my perception and actions?

What are my values and how do they impact my judgment of others?

What energies do I send and do they ease or hinder my global position?

Your cosmopolitan power case Source: www.123rf.com (10850527)

A diversity tool to handle culture differences, establish a common language and increase the co-creative potentials

Know your markets and their power structures

Increase your global detection skills for conflicts

Strengthen the global bonding & commitment

Create Your Global Dream Team Source: www.123rf.com (36317975)

What does my Dream Team look like?

What conditions, what environment supports my Dream Team in outgrowing itself?

What do they really need from me?

Inviting, encouraging, inspiring Source: www.123rf.com (45044923)

The growth factors discovery speech, possibility speech & initiation rituals

Inviting shy people to speak up

Moments of receiving

Rituals to increase unity in diversity

How to to encourage global co-creation

Would you like to find out, what global power & growth potential lies in you?

Just call me at +49-171-4919242 or send me an email. We will check our fit and structure your 8 weeks journey.

Your investment into your global power is Euro 3.777,– + VAT.
The package includes the 4 steps above as well as the diversity tool “9 Levels of Value Systems”, your personal 9 level assessment, a leader type reflection + weekly virtual meetings of 1 – 1,5 hours.

If we also meet in person, the first meeting of 3 – 4 hours will take place in the Taunus. It’s included in the package. You will only have to bear the additional travel costs.

PS: If you need a country / region specific preparation, I am expert for China, South East Asia, Japan, Korea and German speaking countries.

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