Daniela Fehring

Empowering enterprises to grow globally

In three steps towards your PMI and China excellence!

In Chinese, German and English and with my 20 years of facilitation competence, I effortlessly succeed in inspiring your German-Chinese management team for transformation and collaboration. The difference of the cultures is a strong base to generate innovative ideas – and to stay or become an attractive employer! Supported by a pragmatic toolbox, your leaders receive exactly the competences which make your transformation or PMI fly.

I am deeply convinced that the combination of the Chinese and the German mindset leads to extraordinarily creative products and services. Let’s empower your enterprise in China together!

Step 1: A thorough analysis clarifies the real change topics

Before we start cooperating, let’s get clear how I can support you. What targets would you like to accomplish with my support? What should have changed in what specific way after my intervention?

The Cultural Due Diligence (CDD) then analyzes your corporate and leadership culture as well as your company values. In case of an M&A, the bought enterprise will also go through the CDD. The following discussion will lead to the Transformation Purpose, the how and why of the change. The Stakeholder Analysis clarifies who supports the change, who not.

These analyses are the key to clarity and breakthrough! They give your leader team the possibility to open up to transformation with great curiosity and thoroughness.

Target “Clarity”: Defining the “why” and “where” of transformation.

Step 2: Empowerment of the whole transformation team!

Each change process poses a lot of challenges to the leader team because – among other things – not everything runs according to the plan and key employees might boycott the transformation – passively or actively. That’s one of the reasons why an intoxicating and inspiring transformation story is so vital: it gives the management team and support functions the power they need to communicate and promote the change. The global change competence analysis identifies the strengths at hand and the necessary improvements.

With fresh and surprising insights, I establish the global transformation competencies of all change agents. I strongly believe that both diversity and unity in the leader team lead to creative and innovative solutions.

Target “Transformation Competencies”: All change agents know the direction of the journey and feel empowered to push the process.

Step 3: Let’s dive into the transformation! The first 100 days

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The momentum and commitment of the kick-off leads into the first 100 days of transformation. To ensure that the process runs like clockwork, I coach the leader team and support functions. I also steer and monitor the change process as well as the implementation of all transformation measures. Regular reviews serve to check the process, to anchor the learnings and to adjust the plan. Like a compass needle I make sure that your transformation stays set on the targets and your management team can rapidly reconcentrate on the customers’ business.

Target “On Target”: With competence, commitment and joy, the measures are implemented in order to rapidly refocus on business.

My very personal target: You are completely independent after 100 days.

My approaches in consulting, analysis, facilitation, coaching and mediation rely on the following methods:

  • Systemic Consulting based on Heidelberg
  • The “9 Levels of Value Systems” of Rainer Krumm
  • The “Culture Profile Indicator” of ComTeam
  • The “International Preferences Indicator” of WorldWork
  • Conflict Clarification according to Thomann

  • Global cross-border theories of E. T. Hall, H. Hofstede, F. Trompenaars and R. D. Lewis
9 Level