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A German-Chinese Merger is challenging!

A national M&A also faces many difficulties as two different enterprise and leadership cultures naturally lead to misunderstandings. In a Sino-DACH merger, the challenges are guaranteed! Many “cross fires” can be solved easily by an early and smart preparation.

Since 2011, I consult and facilitate complex transformation processes of German enterprises in China and Chinese firms in Germany – mostly as part of an M&A. My success is based on the competence of establishing strong ties and trust in a very short time frame as the Chinese and Germans feel immediately that I support them with all my power to bring the best out of them in an impartial, pragmatic and methodical way .

Your M&A success is my aim!

Together, we plan and structure the Post Merger Integration. The Cultural Due Diligence (online/offline) delivers the base for

  • mutual growth and
  • a new and strong identity.

The boost of competence and the facilitation of the first 100 days guarantee

  • a rich ROI.

From Cultural Due Diligence to the first 100 days – powerful, connecting and exceptional solutions for

  • your brillant PMI
  • your PMI purpose clear as a crystal
  • your efficient PMI implementation

Package I: Merger Excellence Counseling

Your ambitious M&A targets and a speedy integration can be achieved through

  • an early Cultural Due Diligence
  • the clear definition of the M&A purpose
  • the detailed planning of the Post Merger Integration and
  • the practical empowerment of all persons relevant for the PMI success.

The steps to the M&A success in more detail:



Package II: PMI Excellence Facilitation „Day 1 to 100“

If you appreciate an independent professional to steer the Post Merger Integration, that’s the way we’ll work:


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