Daniela Fehring

Empowering enterprises to grow globally

My sparring topics

Impower Your Global Growth
Cust­o­m­er First
Cul­tu­re Due Di­li­gence
Social Responsibility
Strong Kosmo-Leader
Astronauts View
Cosmopolitan Outlook
Dis­rup­ti­ons­ & resilience
Di­ver­si­ty Expert
Entrepreneurial Kosmo-Player
Customer First!
Connection and liability
Sharing and co-creation
Openness and trust
Tension-tolerant collaboration

How I work

I am deeply convinced that the future starts today. Therefore I want to "impower" you and your organisation instantly and today, not in a year’s time after having followed a complicated plan step by step. That’s possible in three formats:

A Sparring Dialogue: Together with the executive level the current situation will be analysed and possibilities as well as activities discussed.
Open Space Conference – my tool of choice for serious impowerment: You can count on extraordinary commitment, responsibility and entrepreneurial thinking, when you invite all interested employees worldwide to develop growth scenarios together.
Impulses are short, strong and sometimes irritating thoughts that trigger reflection and the will to act globally.

My possible functions

9 Level