Daniela Fehring

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My vision for 2030

We humans are connected to ourselves, our creativity and vitality.

World Leaders inspire by their astronaut’s perspective, their global bridge-building skills, their joy of taking decisions and their future orientation.

Cosmopolitan enterprises value and increase the diversity and mindfulness of each of their associates as well as the local societies.

Surprising thinking and innovation rooms foster encounters and curiosity, connection and commitment, participation and ownership.

The entrepreneurial goal is a global and sustainable growth for all stakeholders internally and externally.

The local societies profit from dialogue initiatives of the global enterprises which expand their perspectives and invigorates their resilience.

Why is this important to me?

Dive deep into other countries has been my way of life

Since birth I have been frequently a "foreigner", "stranger" finding a way into a new culture. Born in Rio de Janeiro, I have moved to Zurich, Lyon, Wuhan, Shanghai and Frankfurt – just to name the most important stations of my life. To be visibly different makes it easier at the beginning as mistakes seem to be normal. But if you look like the natives, you get "strange" glances. Doesn’t she know the rules? Is it her character?

Flexibility and curiosity helped me over all the different stages in my "foreigner" life. Until today, I deeply enjoy detecting and decoding foreign cultures as well as establishing friendships. An additional advantage of being a foreigner is that it allows me to discover different aspects within myself, and to develop new competencies.

I love my job as a global facilitator and my personal target is to make this astonishing globe a human and cosmopolitan place,

  • in which ones own diversity is appreciated;
  • in which inclusion is natural;
  • in which the joy of global co-creation is the new standard.
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