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21. April 2020

A human and healed world in 2030. An interview with Stephanie Borgert.

The world, Stephanie Borgert would like to live and work in 2030 is a humanist and healed one, where leaders think in complexity and manage holistically. The new norm is consciousness of the big picture, the context, the systems and its patterns, their interrelatedness, and how they impact us as an individual as well as as a collective.

Stephanie Borgert talks about how she was able to accept not-knowing, and how her own family history, her engineering background and her awareness of her own mental models have helped her become free.

15. April 2020

How to open the space for emotions? An interview with Matthias zur Bonsen.

Don’t jump into immediate action after Corona! That’s the recommendation of Matthias zur Bonsen. Rather open up a space for your personnel and yourself to "digest" everybody’s (home office) experience.

Matthias zur Bonsen is a German author and pioneer of dialogic interventions. In this dialogue, we discuss how the intensity of communication in organizations can increase to deeply reflect the experiences made in Corona lockdown.

These questions might help:

  • What have we lost, what have we gained, what have we learned through/from the lockdown?
  • What’s next? What is important right now?
  • What is important in the near and far future?
  • How can we wholeheartedly co-create this?

13. April 2020

How to become psychologically healthy? An interview with Elaine Teo.

Elaine Teo’s vision 2030 focuses on the game changers psychological hygiene, gender balance, self-responsibility and ownership. Elaine is a Singaporean "solutionist" based in London.

Being a business woman, business leader and a mother of two sons and one daughter, she experiences the challenges of the Corona lockdown on several "fronts". Therefore she makes conscious choices everyday about when to focus on her company, when on her children, when on home teaching, and when on her own self-care.

I discuss the following questions with Elaine:

  • How can we apply the frequent washing of our hands to our psychological hygiene?
  • How could real gender balance make companies grow?
  • How does self-consciousness contribute to a more fulfilling life?

7. April 2020

What about a new narrative of trust in 2030? An interview with Prof. Antoinette Waibel.

What if our future world would be full of trust, solidarity, equality, liberty, sisterhood and human centric organizations? Feel invited to investigate Professor Antoinette Weibel’s vision 2030 together with me:

  • Why does trust rock?
  • What if we establish a new "trust narrative"?
  • What do human centric organizations consist of?
  • How can future leaders lead by listening and giving space?
  • What is the impact of the power of routine and the power of trust?

1. April 2020

More humanism, more respect, more responsibility! An interview with Prof. Alfried Längle.

Prof. Alfried Laengle imagines the world in 2030 to be more humane and more understanding. He would love to see it filled with respect, love and responsibility as well as the abilty to "gestalt". This dialogue with the Professor for Psychotherapy and Founder of the International Society for Logotherapy and Existential Analysis in Vienna focuses on:

  • How can we get in touch with ourselves, our inner world again, and start to play our unique tune?
  • What skills help us re-connect with our environment – the globe and other human beings?
  • How can we grow together?

26. März 2020

A curious, embracing and unbiased world in 2030! An interview with Joerg Wuttke.

the President of the European Chamber of Commerce China, Joerg Wuttke, would like to see more human to human engagement in 2030. Together we discuss:

  • How can we become as curious, embracing and unbiased as kids again?
  • How can we enable everybody around us to tackle uncertainties, not having a clue nor a plan?
  • How can we reconcile differences and gaps within societies and between nations?
  • How can leaders encourage their staff members to bring in their full potential?

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